English bio

After an initial career in information science, I was professor at the University of Nice (“professeur associé”, department of psychology). I am an international consultant, providing lectures and training for numerous public and private organizations in the fields of strategic decision-making, application of the social psychology of influence (marketing, management, communication…), competitive and business intelligence, and the control of violence.

University of Nice, Professor (professeur associé, J.O. n° 12 du 15/01/2000).

French National Defense University, Fellow (Auditeur de l'Institut des hautes études de Défense nationale SR145 ; J.O. n°131 du 8/6/2001).

French Business War College (école de guerre économique), teacher.

Center for Business Intelligence, Board Member (Centre régional d'intelligence économique, Provence-Côte d'Azur).

French High Committee on Civil Defense (Member, Deputy Secretary for Var / Provence-Côte d'Azur).

National Technical Center for Soccer, Clairefontaine, Responsible for studies on the prevention and management of violence.

Association for Communication of International Research in Social Psychology (ADRIPS), Member.

Consultant, lecturer, trainer.

Author of publications in the fields of applied social psychology and geostrategy (list available on request).

Principal Areas of Expertise

Social psychology of influence and its applications.

Strategic decision-making.

Management of crisis situations.

Violence prevention.

Business and competitive intelligence.

Research, collection, analysis, evaluation and synthesis of information.

Charter of Professional Ethics

Complete confidentiality guaranteed.

The interest of the client is primary.

Constantly updating my knowledge base.

Constantly networking with other experts in my fields of endeavour.

No commissions accepted contrary to French or European interests.

Commissions not accepted from multiple opposing or parallel entities.

Commissions not accepted from organized crime, terrorists, cults, or groups with other destructive agendas.

Seul l'impensable peut être créé
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